Mike Perry Cornerman Auction Is Getting Interesting

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Mike Perry  is back at it again. Earlier this year he was making similar headlines for having his Girlfriend be his sole cornerman in his fight with Micky Gall. This time He’s taken it a step further, auctioning off a spot in his corner to the highest bidder. Darren Till was quick to respond with a few jabs on twitter as well as $5,000 for his services in Perry’s corner.

Perry and Till have a bit of a colored history so it would be interesting to see what would go down if this ends up actually happening.

Perry’s Cornerman auction has also peaked the interest of adult streaming service CamSoda. The adult webcam platform apparently offered $10,000 for one of their models to join his girlfriend in his corner saying “What better way to represent the “RAWDOG” brand than two smokeshows coaching you up and rubbing you down in between rounds?”. Whatever ends up happening its going to be interesting.

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