Covington’s Honest Moment

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Moments after the horn sounded signaling the end of the intense Welterweight title fight at UFC 268, Colby Covington got up in Kamaru Usman’s face and started saying something. For a moment, it looked like it was confrontational, but it didn’t take long to realize that the words coming out of Covington’s mouth wasn’t venomous, but appreciation and respect for the champion.

The initial look of skepticism on Usman’s face quickly changed as the two embraced, prompting a large cheer from the audience. Joe Rogan said that the jist of what Covington was saying was that all the nasty things said were in the name of the promotion, it was all about making money, and that he had nothing but love.

Seeing Usman reciprocate the respect was a cool conclusion to the long-standing feud. The types of battles these two went through will bond them together for life. Covington was in rare form during that 15 seconds, the most honest we’ve ever seen him.

But by the time he made it back to press row, it was back to the same old act. A far cry from the guy who rushed over to his opponent to express his respect once the final horn sounded. It’s a shame because if the same Covington that was making amends with Usman showed up to the press conference, it would have made for a far more interesting interview than what the schtick could ever provide.

Had he put the persona aside for 15 minutes for the presser and was sincere about what he was experiencing, much like Conor McGregor and Chael Sonnen would  do in the aftermath of some of their biggest career moments, it would have reflected very well on him. To hear what the real Covington was truly thinking would be compelling, and likely would have garnered interest and respect from the fan base and other fighters that he otherwise wouldn’t get.

Not that he is hurting for fanfare, Covington probably experienced more love and positive reactions from the crowd than he ever has . UFC 268 was the best he was ever received , perhaps we will notice a change in the perception of him going forward.

You can think his act is deplorable, but it’s hard to dismiss it’s entertainment value. You can also have complete disdain for the persona, but the skills he has cannot be denied. Covington has proven he is one of the very best fighters in one of the most talent-rich divisions in the sport. He’ll never get the credit he deserves as a mixed martial artist, an unfortunate  by-product of peddling the pro-wrestling act.

But if the wars with Usman brought out that rare glimpse into the real Covington for only a quick moment. Maybe a bigger feud, that goes a lot deeper on an emotional level than the feud with Usman did will give us a little more time with the man being the act.

There would be no bigger matchup than one against his former roommate, friend, and training partner Jorge Masvidal. After the bump in popularity that was noticed during fight week and the way Covington came out on the other side, his profile has never been higher. At this junture, Jorge Masvidal vs Colby Covington is a blockbuster fight that is waiting to happen.

It remains to be seen if that fight is in the cards as Masvidal is set to take on Leon Edwards at UFC 269. But should these two ever get matched up, you can expect it to be a very big fight. The type of fight that brings out the best in both competitors,  and win or lose, a fight likely give us another glimpse of a humble Covington once the dust has settled.

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