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MMA Surge is more than a website. It’s a movement powered by an army. And that army is fight fans everywhere. If you want to be part of that army, we’re here to help you learn from the greatest warriors in the world, through weekly high-quality content, exclusive interviews, training videos, fight tips and much more. So you can train like a fighter, think like a fighter, and conquer your personal goals, whether in fighting, business, or life.

Meet Our Founders

Garrett Marchesano

Marketing expert and lifetime fan of MMA, Garrett Marchesano’s vision for MMA Surge is to both inspire the next generation of fighters and help any MMA fan gain more confidence in everyday life.

Bruce Buffer

Known as The Veteran Voice of the Octagon, for the past 24 years Bruce Buffer has been the professional ring announcer for the UFC. A lifelong passion for MMA, Bruce holds a black belt in Tang Soo Do and has fought as a kickboxer.

Urijah Faber

UFC Hall Of Fame Inductee and founder of Team Alpha Male, one of the most victorious MMA teams in the world, Urijah Faber aka “The California Kid” is regarded as one of MMA pioneers who’s drive put lighter weight classes on the map.

Our Partners

MMA is bigger than a website. It’s a global family. Here are some members of that family we’re proud to collaborate with.

Bruce Buffer

The man. The voice. The legend. Check out the veteran voice of the Octagon’s weekly podcast.


Curate the news you need so you know what’s going on in the world that matters to you, with Inside.

Team Alpha Male

One of the most prevailing teams in MMA, winning belts and producing quality fighters.

Marquee Media

Like a rear naked choke to your eyeballs. When we want to let the world know, we let Marquee Media know first.

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