The Uncertain Return of Nick Diaz

  I love and appreciate Nick Diaz as much as anyone, I think he might be the most admirable figure our sport has ever seen. Diaz is as authentic as it gets and was really ahead of his time in a lot of ways when you look back on his career. At a time in […]

Light Heavyweight Without Jon Jones

  When I first heard that Jon Jones was vacating the Light Heavyweight title, I thought what most thought. He doesn’t want anything to do with having to fight Dominic Reyes again, or perhaps even Thiago Santos for that matter. Which there is no shame in, if Jones never fought another day in his life, […]

The Answer is Bantamweight

The patent Frankie Edgar entrance to Biggie Smalls “Kick in the door” just isn’t the same without the fans. It’s still very cool, but from the audience’s perspective, it doesn’t have the same effect when taking place in the UFC Apex center in front of a handful of people. But it makes no difference to […]

Here’s To Hoping

  By all accounts, the trilogy of Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic delivered. The post mortem is primarily about the eye poke Miocic landed and the effect it may or may not have had on the fight. I think it had an impact on the fight, the same way I think eye pokes had an […]

The Appeal Of Derrick Lewis

  Aleksei Oleinik is as authentic as it gets, he walks out to the octagon with his tall blonde wife to the song “Ballad for the Suppression” by Vladimir Vysotsky, which only accentuates his stoic nature. During the walk out,  Paul Felder was talking about how earlier in the week Oleinik put Dan Hardy in […]

Gaethje Is A Serious Threat To That Crown

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje is going to be a lot bigger of a fight that most people realize. It’s hard to understand at present just because the fight was just announced, and it’s still a few months away. But I can tell you right now, by the time October rolls around and fight week […]

The Crossing Of The Line

Oftentimes when we witness a one-sided beating or a late stoppage, upon a second viewing it’s not as bad as we remembered. For reasons beyond my control, while I did cover this past weekend’s event, I missed this particular fight when it happened live. So I’ll never know what my reaction would of been to […]

The Terror at 125

  You have to feel for Joseph Benavidez, the guy is one of the most respected fighters in the game amongst his peers and fans alike. A pioneer of the lighter weight fighters and a true veteran of the sport. If you take one glance at social media post-UFC Fight Island 3, you’ll notice the […]

Petr Yan Is One Scary Champion

Petr Yan gave Jose Aldo a serious thumping to win the bantamweight championship at UFC 251. The result is not because of Jose Aldo being at the tail end of his career and operating with a diminished durability and skill set, quite the contrary. In fact, the Aldo we’ve seen since dropping down to the […]

Fight Island Just Got Exponentially More Interesting

  The first fight on fight island hasn’t even taken place yet and the drama is in full swing. Karmaru Usman and Gilbert Burns is off, and in a last-ditch hail mary attempt, the UFC was forced to find a replacement fight on less than one week’s notice that’s to take place on the other […]

The Other Side of Mike Perry

  The vast majority of the MMA fan base views Mike Perry as an unhinged lunatic, the erratic behavior outside the cage, and on social media and his overall aggressive nature is a big part of why he is viewed this way. He is a character, to put it mildly. It’s not just the behavior, […]

Jim Miller: A Feel Good Story

  It brings warmth to my innards to see Jim Miller walk out there at 36 years of age,15 years deep into his professional MMA career, and put on an absolutely perfect performance against a very dangerous up and comer. In MMA, people often confuse a fighter’s age as a measurement of the stage of […]