Beating a Taller Opponent – MMA Techniques


Pendulum Kick:
1. Get into fighting stance.
2. Move your back foot to where your front foot is. As you do this, swing your front foot up to kick the inside of his knee.
3. During step 2, raise your right hand to your face as you throw down your left hand. It helps to lean your head back.
4. After the kick, move your front and back feet to where they were.

The Pendulum Kick’s a smaller shot that’s great for breaking down opponents.

Outside Roundhouse Kick:
1. Lift your front leg, then push off your back leg to take a hop forward. Land on that front leg, keeping your back leg up.
2. Turn slightly left and kick his thigh. As you do this, lean your head back and raise a hand to your face.
3. Pivot and return to original stance.

Opponents with more reach don’t need to get in close. If you don’t have that reach, cover the distance with an Outside Roundhouse.

Low-Leg Single-Leg Takedown:
1. Get into fighting stance.
2. Dive forward and hook his left ankle with your right arm, making sure your ear ends up against his leg. Keep your left hand flat against the mat.
3. Pull his ankle towards you as you drive your right shoulder to the mat. As he falls, hold onto his shin.

Taller fighters have trouble covering anything really low. With the Low-Leg Single-Leg Takedown, that’s where you’re coming from.

If you’re not that tall and don’t have much reach, these moves’ll even out the odds. And here’s another tip: If you’re a grappler and he’s a striker, shorten the space between you. Get him into a clinch position. People with longer limbs are also easier to get into submissions. There’s more arm and leg to work with.

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