MMA Surge – Armbar from Mount

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How to Pull It Off:
1. Get into mount position.
2. Slide knees to opponent’s armpits and put heels on his hipbones.
3. Hook left arm under opponent’s left arm, bringing it to the crook of your elbow. Pull it up to your side.
4. Put your right hand to the mat. Bring up your left knee, then drive it across opponent’s face.
5. Step right foot up to opponent’s left armpit.
6. Bring left foot over to connect with right foot, sitting down.
7. Pull heels and knees together.
8a. Option 1: With right hand, grab opponent’s thumb and hand.
8b. Option 2: With right hand, hook opponent’s right leg. Lock your hands.
9. Lean back, lifting up hips and pulling opponent’s arm (and leg, if held).

Ready to break some arms? The Armbar from Mount is one of the most-used submissions in MMA, and it’s guaranteed to deliver some serious hurt.

If your opponent’s trying to lock his hand during this, switch to hooking with your right arm, then strike his face with your left hand. Use your left hand to lock that thumb, then lean back and get that tap.

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About Squid:
Originally from Queens, NYC, The Squid has a history of taking down
the competition. He has dominated at Vale Tudo contests, Grappler’s Quest Nationals, even the National Fighting Championship. Follow him on Twitter at

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