MMA Surge – Sambo Knee Bar

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How to Pull It Off:
1. Get into half-guard position.
2. Step up and around to sit on your opponent’s left hip bone.
3. Slide your right arm under his raised left knee, lifting the leg.
4. Bring feet together.
5. Lean forward, hugging the leg. Go deeper with the right arm, grabbing your left shoulder.
6. Grab his left heel with your right arm and pull upward.
7. Drop to your left side.
8. Pull his leg against your chest as you arch your hips.

When opponents won’t let you pull their leg against your chest:
1. Rest your left hand on his left foot.
2. Open your legs and rock over onto your right hip. Now you’ve got a heel hook.
3. Trap his left heel in your armpit, then bring your right hand to your left hand and lock it in.

When on all fours (if you can see his right knee between your legs):
1. Reach right hand towards the ceiling.
2. Reach your right hand between your legs to grab behind his right knee. Tuck your right shoulder, rolling onto your right side.
3. Lock his right leg with both hands, pressing your knees and feet together.
4. Pull his leg against your chest as you arch your hips.

Sometimes you end up in positions where submissions don’t seem like an option, like the half-guard. That’s when it’s time to execute a Sambo Knee Bar.

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About Squid:
Originally from Queens, NYC, The Squid has a history of taking down
the competition. He has dominated at Vale Tudo contests, Grappler’s Quest Nationals, even the National Fighting Championship. Follow him on Twitter at

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