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Get Squid’s 10 secret moves!

Righty Stance:
1. Left foot forward, right foot back. Keep your right hand back, since that’s your power hand.
2. Keep feet slightly wider apart than shoulders, knees slightly bent.
3. Straighten arms downward, then bring them up. Your fists should be near your chin.
5. When stepping forward, lift your front foot and press off with your back foot.
6. When stepping backward, lift your back foot and press off with your front foot.

1. Push off your back foot, stepping forward.
2. Thrust your left arm forward, keeping it perfectly straight. Keep your right hand near your face.
3. While punching, turn knuckles slightly over, facing them forward.

If you’re throwing a jab, you’re going to want to throw it in a combination. That either means multiple jabs or a jab followed by another move. When throwing multiple jabs, step with every jab. This gives you the right amount of power every time. You won’t be covering any distance, just lifting the foot and putting it back down.

1. As you’re connecting with the jab, pull your right fist closer to your face.
2. As you bring your left fist back, thrust your right fist straight forward while pivoting your back foot right.
3. Make sure you turn your knuckles forward. The cross should be aimed towards the center of your opponent’s face.
4. As you retract it, turn your knuckles back out and bring your fists back to your face.

1. After throwing multiple jabs, throw one more. As you do this, lower yourself to get at your opponent’s legs.
2. Instead of bringing your left fist back to your face, drop it down toward his legs. Throw your other arm forward and then do the takedown.

1. After the jab, bring in your fist. Turn your shoulders left, crouching slightly.
2. Bring your left arm forward from the opponent’s right side, throwing it in a hooking motion.

If you’re a fighting fan, you’ve seen a ton of jabs. It’s one of the most important strikes in fighting, so make sure you’ve got it down.

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