The Future Of Carlos Condit



Carlos Condit has been around this game forever, it’s hard to believe he is just 36 years old. There are fighters out there who haven’t hit their stride until this age. Condit has endured many hard battles over the years and has most certainly left more than a few pieces of himself inside the octagon. Contrary to my belief heading into the fight against Court Mcgee, it turns out he still has more to give.

I picked McGee to win the fight against Condit ahead of this past weekend contest. I figured that stylistically, the grappling heavy McGee would impose his will on the supremely skilled, but unmotivated Condit. This wasn’t because I think Condit’s skills or durability has diminished in any way, it was simply because I believed that his desire to compete hit its peak many years back. I thought that the motivation that brought him to the great heights he’s reached over the years couldn’t possibly be achieved on the back end of the long career he has had. With 43 professional fights between ages 18-36, and taking into account his most recent performances, all indications were that we were in the winding down phase of his career.

But as it turns out, what I thought I was seeing on my T.V from the comfort of my living room over the past couple of years isn’t necessarily indicative of the reality. Recency bias is always something to be mindful of when it comes to making assessments in this game. A significant portion of fans’ perception of a fighter is based on their latest performance, it’s hard to avoid when a busy year for most is 3 appearances annually. I tried not to read too much into the fact that Condit was staring down the barrel of a potential 6 fight losing streak, he didn’t look bad in his last fight against Michael Chiesa, just uninspired. It’s something we’ve seen time and time again from veteran fighters over the years, often they hit a losing skid and end up performing as if they don’t even want to be in there anymore. These fights signify the beginning of the end, which is the very point I felt Condit had come to. But I was wrong because Saturday night’s performance showed us that there is plenty of runway left to Condit’s career should he continue down this path.

In a young man’s sport such an MMA, 36 years of age is no spring chicken. But it is less about the age of the individual as much as it is about the wear and tear on the body, and Condit certainly has plenty of that. For some perspective, before he even made it to the UFC in 2009 he had already amassed a 23-4 record and had taken on the likes of Jake Shields and Frank Trigg. Throughout his UFC career, Condit has always fought the absolute highest level of competition in one of the most talent rich divisions in the sport, its extremely difficult to reach that position, much less maintain it for 10 plus years. Having fought the likes Robbie Lawler, Georges St Pierre, Tyron Woodley, Nick Diaz, and Rory Macdonald in their primes to name a few, it’s with good reason to think he is going to have a hard time getting up to fight in 2020. Especially when riding an unheard of 5 fight losing streak in the UFC.

A part of me believes that we didn’t get the best version of McGee on Saturday, so I’ll stop short at suggesting Condit gets thrust right back into the top tier for his next fight, but there are plenty of fun matchups for him abound. While I do believe that we didn’t get the best version of McGee you’ll ever see, it’s not to say that beating him in the fashion that he did didn’t make a statement. Condit looked as sharp as ever, and had that heavy right hand in the first round landed a little differently, we are talking about Condit in a whole other manner right now, and that was extremely close to happening.

I thought the future of Carlos Condit would be the winding down ,but he has claimed he has tricks up his sleeve he has yet to show and he has more left to prove. There is plenty to look forward too, it seems. Another win or two and it’s a whole new world for Condit.

We’ve been fooled before in MMA, just when it’s thought that a fighters fate is a foregone conclusion, we are served up with a reminder of how little we know about the reality of what’s actually going on. Despite the long and storied career of the Natural Born Killer, Condit still has a future in this sport. A future loaded with possibilities, and the potential to end up back at the top of the mountain of the welterweight division.








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