TOP 10 Trash Talkers in the UFC

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Today we are going over the Top 10 best MMA Trash Talkers of all time.

10. Frank Mir:

Some people think Frank Mir is good at what he does, while others see him and think he’s nothing but arrogant. Whatever your opinion of him is, most people would agree that Frank is pretty experienced when it comes to trash talking his opponents. A fine example of this was when he was feuding with Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar is one of the most terrifying people to ever grace the earth, so it takes a pretty brave trash talker to cut down Lesnar. Mir had absolutely no issues making fun of Lesnar, and even went as far as to say he wanted Lesnar to die. To top it off, Mir also ranted about how he wanted to even break Lesnar’s neck in the ring. Mir stated how he wanted Lesnar to be “the first person that dies due to Octagon-related injuries.” Yikes. He ended up apologising later, but the damage was done at that point.

 9. Jorge Rivera

Once upon a time, people saw Jorge Rivera and saw a fighter who was on the quiet side. That was until he went one on one with Michael Bisping, and then all hell broke loose. Rivera wasted no time mocking the other fighter, and even made a series of videos calling out Rivera. During a press conference before the fight, Rivera even went on to state that he was “looking forward to making a fool out of him [Bisping] on the night.”

8. Matt Serra

Matt Serra comes from New York, and based on that alone, one can assume that the guy knows how to talk trash. Serra has, on more than one occasion, used words rather creatively to express himself, and that can be especially seen when he gave Georges St-Pierre some simple but rather mean instructions. Those instructions included telling St-Pierre to “drink your red wine, go to your hockey game, and shut up, Frenchy.”

5. Josh Koscheck

Josh Koscheck is known for his in your face personality and sharp trash talking. He seems to know exactly how to get under an opponent’s skin, which can be clearly seen when he went head to head with Georges St-Pierre. If you couldn’t guess by the name, Georges is a French Canadian, and before their fight went down Koscheck just seemed to do everything possible to make the Canadian crowd hate him. He made it well known that he wanted to beat the Canadian in his home city of Montreal, which did not go well with the large French-Canadian crowd present that night.

7. Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz is most definitely known for his trash talk, and he’s never been afraid to insult his opponents. He’s rather creative when it comes to his trash talk as well, which makes him all the more amusing to watch. He usually swears a lot, which for some reason, makes everything all the more amusing. Some of his funniest moments include him calling Georges St. Pierre “a little bitch”, and his iconic post fight interview where he screamed out “don’t be scared homie” right at KJ Noons. Whether you hate or love Diaz, you have to admit that his trash talking is hilarious to watch.

6. Quinton Jackson

If you’re given the nickname Rampage, then there must be something big and brazen about you, and that’s definitely something that can be seen with Quinton Jackson. He’s known as one of the most brash fighters out there and will kindly lay more than a few insults on you. Not only are the insults mean, but they’re super funny, which is the perfect way to describe an amazing line he threw at Silva before their fight. Jackson said that when he won the fight against Wanderlei, he was going to “take his belt, pull his pants down and spank him for being so ugly.” A classic.

4. Tito Ortiz

There might be a reason why Tito Ortiz is also known as the Huntington Beach Bad Boy. Besides his fighting, his trash talking is one of the most well-known things about him, and it has definitely come in handy in regards to his feuds with guys like Ken Shamrock and Chuck Liddel. One of the most infamous insults Ortiz threw Shamrock’s way includes Tito screaming into a microphone about how he’s Rick James and that Shamrock is his bitch – which did not go down well with Mr. Shamrock.

3. Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping is not afraid to tell you exactly what’s on his mind. He’s been known to shoot out some pretty sharp, painful insults, and for some reason everything just sounds a million times more insulting with his English accent. When Bisping was going one on one with Brian Stann, Bisping came out with a hilarious insult where he stated that Stann was most definitely going to lose, and that he “won’t last as long as a virgin on prom night”. Ouch.

2. Chael Sonnen

It should come as a surprise to no one that Chael Sonnen is at number one. He’s not only considered one of the best fighters of all time, but his trash talking is also something people love to rave about. There’s literally a fifteen-minute highlight reel of him on YouTube where he absolutely rips into his opponents, and he talks some serious trash about guys like Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida. But he’s also not afraid to go at it with hecklers and has been known to scream out threats at anyone who tries to come his way.

1. Conor McGregor

Connor McGregor isn’t exactly a sweet, quiet Irishman. He’s known for his not so humble bragging and wit and isn’t afraid to cut down his opponent any chance he can get. McGregor claims this isn’t trash talking and that he’s instead just speaking the truth, but others beg to differ. From calling Dennis Siver a “midget German steroid-head” to telling Jose Aldo that McGregor is his daddy, McGregor just won’t hold back when it comes to trash talking his opponents.

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