Top 5 UFC Cards To Revisit During Lockdown (UFC 31, UFC 49, UFC 100, UFC 189, UFC 217)

Five Historic UFC Cards To Revisit During The Lockdown
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UFC 31
To kick things off, we have the memorable UFC 31, an event that truly delivered in every sense of the word. In the night’s main-event, Pedro Rizzo put Randy Couture to the test with a brutal display of leg-kicking prowess and with violent cameos turned in by both Chuck Liddell and Carlos Newton, there’s more than enough to warrant a revisit.
Watching an event like this one with the knowledge of how the careers of several of these budding stars would eventually turn out makes it that bit more compelling.

UFC 49
UFC 49 was an absolute dream of an event – the type of card that no doubt sent UFC president Dana White into a fit of glee – as all fights with the exception of Karo Parisyan vs. Nick Diaz ended in a finish.
On top of that, you’ll be happy to hear that the bout between Parisyan and Diaz was likely the best fight of the night.
Not only were the finishes brutal and the battles exciting, but the event was stacked with big names like Chuck Liddell, Vitor Belfort, Randy Couture,

UFC 100
UFC 100 was a marquee event in every sense of the word – one that saw the UFC stacking their lineup to truly add that special feel to this milestone in their promotional growth. Georges St-Pierre once again proved why he was the P4P king with a clinic against the dangerous contender Thiago Alves and in the night’s main-event, the hulking behemoth that is Brock Lesnar managed to get the better of his rival Frank Mir in their fantastic heavyweight rematch.

UFC 189
There was clearly something very special in the air when the UFC landed in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand for the championship double-header we were treated to that night. Of course, Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald managed to put on perhaps the single greatest title-fight in the sport’s history as they went to war over the course of five-rounds in the co-main event.
But as we all know, when the McGregor show comes to town, you can guarantee that it’ll be a unique spectacle and true to form, everything from the once-off live performances during the fighter walkouts to Conor’s incredible second-round TKO of Chad Mendes left us all convinced that a superstar had just been born.

UFC 217
The UFC returned to the iconic Madison Square Garden for their first event since 2016’s UFC 205: Alvarez vs. McGregor – a show that was nothing less than extraordinary in its own right. Stacking the card from top-to-bottom with fan-favourites, bonafide legends, and a grand total of three title-fights, it could well be said that UFC 217 was one of the most impressive looking lineups the promotion had ever put together.
From the moment Paulo Costa opened the card with a tour-de-force beatdown of the fading Johny Hendrick – to the moment the legendary Georges St-Pierre returned with a stunning submission victory over Michael Bisping, UFC 217 had it all.

Shocking finishes, tightly-contested chess matches, and as much name power as any card in recent memory – this New York event deserves to be mentioned among the very best nights in the history of the sport and as a result, is more than worth a second viewing.
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