UFC 256: Deiveson Figueiredo vs Brandon Moreno Fight Picks

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The last PPV event of the year is a damn good one, from the prelims to the main event, this card is littered with names like Cub Swanson, Renato Mocanio, Junior Dos Santos and Jacare Souza. All of this before arriving at the stellar co-main and main event features.

Renato Moicano (+116) vs Rafael Fiziev(-142)

The fanduel odds for this fight are close to even for good reason, Moicano is the more experienced of the two and has a lot more experience against higher caliber fighters than Fiziev. However the hype around Fiziev is strong coming into this fight, and that accounts for a lot. The stout striker throws massive power into each strike, and not only that, manages to maintain a high output of strikes despite exerting so much energy into each one thrown. Holdsworth believes Moicano will utilize his length well in this fight, and that as dangerous as Fiziev is on the feet, he won’t offer up anything Moicano hasn’t dealt with before. Griffin values the experience Moicano has but thinks the sheer power of Fiziev will be too much for the Brazillian to overcome.

At the end of the day   

Without question, Moicano is the more seasoned fighter, and with a record of 14-3 with his only three losses coming to Brian Ortega, Chang Sung Jung, and Jose Aldo, on paper Moicano is a great fanduel underdog pick. Fiziev is an absolute powerhouse that has ended 5 fights in the first round, but this came before the call up to the UFC. The experience of Moicano will be the difference-maker in this one, after weathering the early storm, the win will be Moicanos for the taking.

Pick: Renato Moicano   

Cyril Gane (-430) vs Junior Dos Santos (+320)

Despite the devastating power, and history of finishing fights both of these heavyweights have, Both Holdsworth and Griffin believe that this goes the distance. JDS is long removed from the days of being the most terrifying man on the roster. An absolute terror on his come up over the years, JDS possessed not just some of the best boxing skills in the heavyweight division, but the UFC as a whole. But as Holdsworth points out in this week’s episode of Fight Picks with the Pros, after multiple wars with Cain Velasquez, he hasn’t been the same. Gane on the other hand is the newcomer on an ascension, and seemingly positioned to be put over by the promotion being given a fight with JDS at this point in his career.

At the end of the day  

Despite the stages both of these fighters are at in their respective careers, the gap in the fanduel odds seems to be a bit overboard when you look at a fighter as inexperienced as Gane going up against a former heavyweight champion. While he is currently riding a 3 fight losing streak, all 3 of JDS’s loss against the upper echelon on the heavyweight division. There’s a good opportunity to earn some coin with the underdog pick with this one. 

Pick: Junior Dos Santos

Kevin Holland (-122) vs Ronaldo Souza (+100)

Speaking of not looking so great as of late, Ronaldo Souza finds himself in a tough spot tonight where he will be looking to stave off a 3 fight losing streak. Having to take on a fighter as hot as Kevin Holland is right now is a tall order. As Holdsworth pointed out, Souza has fallen into the trap of trying to be a striker when his bread and butter is his grappling. So much of Souza’s reputation comes from his days as a grappler, transitioning into MMA with great success. But as Griffin pointed out, striking wise, Souza is a bit stiff in contrast to the fluidity of the movement Holland has on the feet. Couple that with Holland having the big reach advantage, and we could be looking at a recipe for disaster for Jacare if he keeps things upright.  

At the end of the day

Holdsworth likes Holland for the KO victory, mostly based on Souza’s penchant for not taking the fight where it’s to his advantage. As Griffin points out, even if Souza gets the fight to the ground, you should never count Holland out in the grappling realm. The brown belt under Travis Lutter could surprise us. Both Holdsworth and Griffin like Holland for the win, and so do I.

Pick: Kevin Holland.  

Tony Ferguson (-184) vs Charles Oliveira (+148)

A lot of people believe these fanduel odds are a little too close and that it should be Ferguson being a heavier favorite headed into this co-main event. While Ferguson is coming off of a loss to Justin Gaethje, there is something about his performance in that fight that gave the impression he wasn’t entirely there. It wasn’t a terrible performance, but Ferguson did seem a little flat. But Oliveria has been flying under the radar for too long now, and there is a good reason why he is being afforded the opportunity of this big fight. Holdsworth hit the nail on the head when explaining how both these guys are the types of fighters that do damage on the feet, they both have extremely effective striking that often leaves their opponents hurt and a bloody mess. Griffin mentioned how this is his favorite fight on the card, and you have to believe the vast majority of the fanbase is on with him on that one. 

These two are a lot more similar than most realize, , Oliveria has the better BJJ pedigree on paper. But the wrestling and the MMA grappling of Ferguson pretty much evens the playing field on the ground. Admit the scrambles when grappling, Oliveria will look to snatch the neck of Ferguson, and although we rarely see Ferguson in trouble when it comes to grappling. If there was ever a time we see him on the defensive on the mat, it’ll be against Oliveria.

At the end of the day  

Ferguson has accurate boxing, with big power, and does a great job of launching uppercuts straight through his opponent’s guard. Oliveira doesn’t have big power, but he has a very diverse array of attacks, and the feinting he does with his legs often opens up large holes for him to capitalize on. There doesn’t seem to be many picking Oliveria for this one, but Griffin likes him in this fight, and so do I.

Pick: Charles Oliveira  

Deiveson Figeurido (-355) vs. Brandon Moreno (+270)

Moreno’s story is great, it’s not often that we see a fighter get cut from the UFC, only to rebound with a fight so impressive they immediately get resigned. But Moreno has done just that, and since doing so, has performed well enough to earn the huge opportunity that he will get at UFC 256. But it’s a tough position for any flyweight to have to fight Figeurido right now, the man is an absolute terror and he has been ravaging everything in his past since getting the first fight with Joesph Benavidez. As Holdsworth pointed out, Figeurido is the type of fighter who is stationary. He plants himself in the pocket and loves to counter with the powerful right at. The in and out striking style of Moreno is tailor-made for Figeurido to land the big shot and continue his championship reign. 

At the end of the day 

One of Moreno’s best qualities is his toughness and his ability to survive and push through being put in compromising positions. Having never been finished in his entire career is going to give him the confidence to go the distance with Figeurido. But the champion is just hitting his stride, his power and his aggression are going to be too much, too soon for Moreno at this juncture. 

Pick: Deiveson Figeurido 

The co-main event fight between Tony Ferguson and Charles Oliveria could easily be the main event for this card, whether it be a championship title fight or not. There are definite title implications for that contest, and it’ll be interesting to see if Ferguson can regain his position as number one contender. Or if Oliveria will be able to earn contenders after all of these years. As for the main, Deiveson Figeurido is in a position to further his profile which has increased exponentially in such a short period. A hell of a way to close out the year. 


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