UFC 265: Lewis vs Gane Fight Picks

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Derrick Lewis and Cyril Gane are slated to compete for the interim heavyweight title at UFC 265. While it may not be the most warranted interim title fight we’ve ever seen, it’s an interim title fight nonetheless. Whether the fans agree with it or not, the winner of this contest emerges as a UFC champion. 

Derrick Lewis(+280) vs Cyril Gane (-350) 

Fanduel is heavily favoring Cyril Gane to win this fight. This is a classic kickboxer versus a brawler. There is no question that when it comes to skills on the feet, Gane is the superior striker from a technical standpoint. But the more skilled striker doesn’t always win the stand-up fight in MMA, especially when we are talking about the heavyweights. Lewis may not be technical, but he doesn’t have to be. Simply put, his power is ferocious. Anyone he can put his hands on is in grave danger. He has fought for world titles, has fought former champions, and has a lot more experience than people tend to realize. 

Ever since Lewis returned from back surgery, he has looked better and better in each fight he has had. He moves incredibly well for such a big man, especially in scrambles on the ground. He has ridiculous power and does a good job throwing heat from unconventional positions. Throwing from such positions for most fighters scores points, but for Lewis, those punches could end the fight as long as he can touch your head.

At the end of the Day 

Gane is an experienced kickboxer who has fought power punchers before. He is very light on his feet, and very strong defensively. He does an awesome job of covering up when exiting the pocket and is very cognizant of protecting himself. He is the ability to stay out of trouble and go the distance with Lewis, but that won’t be happening this time around. Lewis has progressively looked better over the years and is a fighter who thrives on emotion. Having the hometown crowd behind him is going to make him extra dangerous. This Fanduel underdog is the lock of the night, Derrick Lewis wins this fight.

Pick: Derrick Lewis

Michael Cheisa (-102) vs Vicente Luque (-116)

It’s always interesting when you have two contenders facing each other in their prime . Both Chiesa and Luque have really come into their own over the past couple of years and both are knocking on the door to a title shot. They are in the same stage of their career, right on the cusp of championship fights after many years in the game. Make no wonder the Fanduel odds are almost dead even.

If Chiesa gets you to the ground and has time on the clock, more often than not it’s game over. Despite spending most of his career as a lightweight, he is still somehow a pretty big welterweight. His size and strength will allow him to get Luque to the mat if he can get ahold of him. But of course, that’s provided he can get his hands on The Brazillian.

At the end of the day  

Luque is very slick, has very strong fundamentals, and rarely makes mistakes. He is very cerebral in all aspects of his game, but especially when it comes to positioning. A lot of his stoppage victories come from a tactical approach. Luque knows he has to stay on the outside to pick apart Chiesa, and that’s exactly what he’ll do.

Pick: Vicente Luque  

Jose Aldo(-110) vs Pedro Munhoz (-106)

With all due respect to Munhoz, a prime Jose Aldo wins this fight 10/10 times. But, as the Fanduel odds will indicate, we aren’t dealing with a prime Aldo. However, we aren’t necessarily dealing with a shop-worn Aldo either, the performances seem to hang on what Aldo shows up mentally. Munhoz is a tough-as-nails Brazaillian who is very well-rounded. He has fought a lot of big names in the division, including scoring a KO victory over former champion Cody Garbrandt. This version of Munhoz most certainly is capable of beating the current version of Aldo. 

At the end of the day 

 Aldo has shown he still has some magic left. It’s a little suspect that he doesn’t use the highly effective kicks that brought him so much success over the years. But even with just his boxing, Aldo is brilliant, and if he shows up motivated, the fight against Munhoz is tailor-made for a victory. Although Munhoz is a tough outing for any of the elite of the weight class, Aldo got enough magic left to beat him on Saturday night.

Pick: Jose Aldo 

Angela Hill (+128) vs Tecia Torres (-152)

Both girls have a lot of similarities in their style, they are both all-out action fighters so this contest is certain to entertain. Fanduel is favoring Torres in this fight, though the odds are close, and rightfully so. Hill is the bigger girl and her striking has been steadily improving. Torres is tiny but she is mighty. She likes to go the distance and one of her best traits is that she always remains active.

At the end of the day  

Hill’s track record for decisions isn’t the best, oftentimes she is narrowing losing them in the judge’s eyes, perhaps because of her evading style. Torres has the style and the tenacity to push Hill backward for three rounds. Even if she is absorbing damage along the way, she can control the octagon against Hill and get the nod from the judges. 

Pick: Tecia Torres 

Casey Kenny(-120) vs Song Yadong (+102)

Song Yadong is coming off of the first UFC loss and looking to rebound against Casey Kenny, who is coming off of a loss to former bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz. Both fighters and bullish and have a penchant for getting into absolute battles. On paper, this fight has all the makes for an all-action war. The more well-rounded fighter is Yadong, but the more durable and experienced fighter is Kenny.

At the end of the day 

Kenny likes to go the distance and to be grappling heavy. Yadong comes from one of the best camps in the world when it comes to wrestling pedigree, and he is highly touted amongst his peers for his potential. Although Yadong has a lot of developing to do, he is developed enough to earn a victory against Kenny as a Fanduel underdog.

Pick: Song YaDong

Understandably, a lot of the fanbase has taken issue with the main event between Derrick Lewis & Cyril Gane being for an interim title. But the reality is that titles have lost a lot of their meaning and reverence a long time ago. Although that is a unfortunate reality, it would be quite the spectacle to see Derrick Lewis with a UFC title around his waist. A spectacle that fans will love to see.  

Are you ready to make your fight picks? Head over to fanduel and enter the fight night contest for this weekend!


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