UFC Vegas 28: Keys To Victory For Rozenstruik, Sakai, Harris And Tybura

UFC Vegas 28: Keys To Victory For Rozenstruik, Sakai, Harris And Tybura
UFC Vegas 28: Keys To Victory For Rozenstruik, Sakai, Harris And Tybura
Here are the keys to victory for Jairzinho Rozenstruik, Augusto Sakai, Walt Harris, and Marcin Tybura in the main and co-main event at UFC Vegas 28.


UFC Vegas 28, which features two thunderous heavyweight matchups, is the first of the four super exciting UFC events set for June. In the main event, Jairzinho Rozenstruik takes on Augusto Sakai for a chance to make it to the division’s top five again, while in the co-main event, Walt Harris looks to turn things around against Marcin Tybura. Here are the keys to victory for the four men involved in the main and co-main event at UFC Vegas 28.

Jairzinho Rozenstruik vs Augusto Sakai

Jairzinho Rozenstruik is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Ciryl Gane at UFC Vegas 21, while Augusto Sakai is coming off a TKO loss to Alistair Overeem at UFC Vegas 9. Both fighters are primarily strikers, with immense power in their hands. Heavyweights are normally heavy-handed anyway, so we should expect this one to end quickly on the night.

Keys To Victory For Jairzinho Rozenstruik

Jairzinho Rozenstruik was a wrecking ball before he had his first major fall against Francis Ngannou. He’s 1-2 in his last three fights and should be looking to turn things around and enter the title race once again, when he steps inside the Octagon at UFC Vegas 28.

Counter Attack: Rozenstruik is a very flat-flooded, stand-and-deliver sort of fighter, while Sakai likes to move a lot inside the Octagon. However, Sakai throws punches in bunches and gets reckless at times throwing bombs, which could work in Rozenstruik’s favor. The Brazilian would throw combinations like Ngannou, but he is far less aggressive than ‘The Predator’, which allows Rozenstruik the liberty to counter his shots and find a clean connection.

Leg Kicks: Rozenstruik comes from a kickboxing background, and has got great kicks, which he needs to rely heavily on against Sakai, who loves to stay active on his feet. A few crunching leg kicks would compromise Sakai’s movement to a great extent, making him a stationary target for Rozenstruik, who can then land his knockout blows with greater ease.

Keys To Victory For Augusto Sakai

Manage Distance: As mentioned before, Rozenstruik doesn’t like to move a lot and likes to stand and deliver most of the time. Therefore, the best way to beat him is to use quick in and out movement, landing shots, and quickly moving out of the danger zone. Sakai needs to adopt a strategy similar to Ciryl Gane, who used his movement and distance control to beat Rozenstruik.

Avoid Being Reckless: Sakai usually lands punches in bunches when he charges at his opponents, which leaves him vulnerable to counter punches. Instead of landing punches in bunches, Sakai should focus on landing two punch combinations, quickly moving out of the way and repeating the same over and over again, until he finds a major opening.

Walt Harris vs Marcin Tybura

Walt Harris has lost two on the bounce and would be looking to get back into the win column at UFC Vegas 28, but Marcin Tybura, who’s on a four-fight win streak, would be looking to extend his impressive run.

Keys To Victory For Walt Harris

Control The Distance: For Walt Harris to win this fight, he will have to control the distance, because Marcin Tybura would most likely want to take him down since he has a big advantage on the mat. If Harris adopts his usual kill or be killed approach, he would sooner or rather than later find himself on the mat, with his foe landing shots from top position. He should also control the distance because Tybura has unpredictable head kicks.

Combinations: Tybura is a very well-rounded and smart campaigner. He would try to confuse Harris with a mixture of strikes and takedown attempts. Therefore, Harris needs to land combinations of his own, attacking the Pole’s legs and body, keeping his foe guessing. He should fight smart if he wants to end his losing run.

Keys To Victory For Marcin Tybura

Tire Harris Out: Harris hits really hard, and comes out all guns blazing in the first round. The wise thing to do for Tybura would be to neutralize his foe’s threat by taking him down and wearing him out, so he doesn’t have the same amount of power in his hands, even if he makes his way back to his feet. Harris doesn’t have a great gas tank, so tiring him out early, by making him swing and miss, or by engaging in grappling with him would be a great strategy for ‘Tybur’.

Grapple: Tybura’s best route to victory is taking Harris down on the mat and softening him up with ground and pound. Harris isn’t a great grappler by any means, and if Tybura takes him down, and applies pressure on him, he will find openings to either TKO his opponent or submit him.

What are your predictions for the UFC Vegas 28 main event between Jairzinho Rozenstruik and Augusto Sakai and the co-main event between Walt Harris and Marcin Tybura?

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